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ZOZEN low NOx boiler - the new choice in environmental protection era

ZOZEN low NOx boiler - the new choice in environmental protection era

  • 14 Feb 2019
  • by ZOZEN Boiler

With the improvement of global environmental awareness in recent years, many countries have introduced various environmental protection policies, the transformation from gas-fired boilers into low NOx ones is the present situation that many enterprise is facing. ZOZEN seized the opportunity and developed low NOx boilers.ZOZEN low NOx boilers are upgraded from the original gas-fired boilers. Compared with traditional gas-fired boilers, low NOx boilers adopt combustion optimization control technology to decrease burning temperature and reduce the emission of NOx to 30mg/m3. ZOZEN low NOx boilers have the advantages of high thermal efficiency and low NOx emissions, which will facilitate the transformation from gas-fired boilers into low NOx ones.As a leading listed company, Tsaker Chemical Group Limited has four business units including dyestuff BU, pigments intermediates BU, battery materials BU and environmental protection BU. The DSD acid and DMSS production bases are the world's largest ones. In order to response to the call of energy conservation and emission reduction, Tsaker Chemical Group planned to introduce low NOx steam boilers to provide steam for synthesis, drying and other processes of the production line. Because the environmental protection boilers on the market vary in quality, Tsaker Chemical Group took enormous care in choosing the boiler supplier.After several comparative studies and cost analyses, Tsaker Chemical Group was deeply impressed by the SZS series low NOx boilers. This kind of boiler is ZOZEN's typical energy-saving and environment-friendly boiler. The low NOx burner imported from Europe as well as the large-diameter corrugated furnace contribute to the complete combustion of fuels, the NOx emissions can reduce to 30mg/Nm3; what's more, the thermal efficiency can reach above 98% especially in combination with the high efficiency heat transfer element thread smoke tubes.At the same time, ZOZEN offered the company the full range of integrated service system. ZOZEN specialized engineers provided the company the entire guidance, which range from design, installation and operation.


ZOZEN low NOx boilers have established a good reputation in the international market with the features of energy conservation and environment protection, safety and efficiency and fully automatic operation. Except for Tsaker Chemical Group, Samsung Electronics, Sentury and Classic Fashion Apparel Industry Co., Ltd. also purchased ZOZEN low NOx boilers and spoke highly of them.As the top runner in the field of low NOx industrial boilers, ZOZEN has always been insisting on continuous technological innovation to strengthen itself. In the future, ZOZEN will follow the national policies on energy conservation and emission reduction to develop more benchmarking products and make more contributions to the national green development.

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