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2.8 MW YYW thermal fluid for chemical factory

2.8 MW YYW thermal fluid for chemical factory

Project Description

The development of technology and the progress ofskill require diversifying the quality of the sodium sulfide.Enterprises must produce different types of sodium sulfide according todifferent users. Taihua Industry is high-tech chemical enterprise. Its mainproducts are pure benzene, toluene, p-tert-butyl benzoic acid, industrialsodium sulfide, anhydrous crystalline sodium sulfide and nine-hydratecrystalline sodium sulfide. The production of sodium sulfide needs hightemperature and stable steam. Therefore, Taihua Industry has conducted aninspection of the same industry manufacturers and combined with actualconditions of the unit to transform the caustic soda production system in theevaporation section. At first, Taihua purchased a 2.8 MW thermal fluidheater at ZOZEN(YQW-2800Q) to improve utilization rate of heat energy. Later,in order to increase the coal utilization rate, Taihua purchased a 2.8 MW thermal fluid heater(YLL-2800MA) at ZOZEN again. Itsproducts are produced entirely in accordance with national standards andinternational standards. The current annual output is 100,000 tons. Theproducts sell out in China and are exported to more than 60 countries andregions including Europe, America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.


Client feedback

The thermal fluid heater of ZOZEN is a key equipmentfor new types of sodium sulfide. It can not only improveproduction efficiency, but also save energy and reduce consumption. It is verysuitable for our chemical raw material manufacturing industry.

— Huangshi Taihua Industrial Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Project Details

  • 2.8 MW
  • Huangshi, Hubei
  • YQW-2800Q
  • Huangshi Taihua Industrial Technology Development Co., Ltd.
  • Steam

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