Traditional Indian Wedding Games

Traditional Indian Wedding Games


May 13th, 2012


The stepping stone of a healthy relationship is intimacy and a sense of awe for the partner. Today most of the Indian couples at least have some information of their would be spouse. However the situation was not the same in old days. Indian arranged marriage system did not allow the bride and groom to meet prior to their wedding. The system made the path to intimacy rather an unexplored zone for years. Hence, many Indian wedding games evolved to help break the ice between the newly weds and especially between the bride and her new family. These traditional games are practiced till date in many of the marriages to create a sense of unity and understanding between the couples and the members of two families. Here are some of the most common traditional Indian wedding games.

Hide Wedding Shoes –  The bride and the groom are directed to remove their footwear before stepping into the mandap for the holy rituals. This opportune moment is grabbed by the the bridesmaids. They seize the shoes of the groom and hide them. After the marriage ceremony the girls demand a ransom amount to give the shoes back. Only when the demands have been met the shoes are returned. With this game the family get together to watch the fun. They unite, tease and pack in a sweet memory treasured for life. Though initially practiced in north India it is a welcome game by many irrespective of religion and state today. Many grooms have also started making gifts like gold earrings or anklets for their sister in laws prior to the event and some have started carrying an extra pair of shoes.

Kissing Game – It is generally played in South India. In this game the groom is asked to hold the betel leaf or a clove in his mouth. Then the bride is directed to bite off the other half in front of the entire wedding party. It builds anticipation among the married couples. In most of the weddings the husbands tease their wives and do not allow then to bite unless they give them a tight kiss. Though an embarrassing moment for shy bride it build in a great passion for the wonderful night ahead.

Search Name in Mehndi – The grooms name is hennaed on the bride hand in tiny letter amidst the crisscrossed mehndi. The groom is asked to find his name on the brides hand and give her a gift. This game gives a simple reason for the groom to hold his brides hand and allows the shy bride to feel the warmth of love without any embarrassment.

Fish the Ring – This is unique game that states with the banner “who will rule the roost in the home front.”it can be played in two different method. In the first one the the couples are asked to take off their rings and put them in a pot of clear water. As the rings settle to the bottom, the couples are asked to churn the water vigorously. After the churning people look anxiously at the water, as the water and the ring are going to the answer the question. If the bride’s ring lags behind in the swirling water she will be an obedient wife. If it is the opposite, the groom will be wrapped around his highness.

The second method is simple, a ring is placed in a pot filled with rose petals or shallow plate of milk. Then the couples are asked to fish for it. The person who finds the fish first will always have a upper hand in the relationship.

Pillow Talk – It’s a fun game for the couple but enjoyed to the brim by the audience. Here the couple is made to sit with their backs to each other and a pillow held between their shoulders. They are later asked question from the relatives, which is answered only by nodding their heads in yes or no direction. Since they cannot see each other they do not know how the other is responding. The questions are lighthearted like, “Will you rule over him/her?” or “Will you pamper like a child if your partner gets angry?” or ” will you kiss your partner now?” or question on their likes and dislikes. According to their score they are also given rankings. The negative scorers are are titled as “I want to know you better-couple” and the high scorers are titled as “Two hearts yet one soul-couple” .

Knotted Strings –  It is yet another game that attempts to predict the future relationships of the newly wed couples. The bride and the groom are given a knotted string to unwind by the bridesmaid. The top rule of the game is to use just one hand to meet the ends. If the couple unravel it with greater speed it is claimed that they will face life’s struggles and achieve success with greater ease

Haath Boravanu – In Parsi weddings, the groom is made to immerse his hands in water and not allowed to take them out unless…yes, you got it; he pays in cash or kind! The bride’s sisters are the lucky recipients in this wedding game too. Once they get gifts from the groom, he is free to remove his hands from the water..

Do write back to us friends if you know any other wedding games. We would be happy to include them in our blog.

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