Wedding Planning

Lets Plan”  is completely suitable for and self reliant Wedding Event Planner that is committed to creating dream wedding ceremonies . We provide you with holistic solutions , both as custom made , bespoke service or in a packaged set-up . Our wedding and reception arrangements displays your lavish lifestyle and personality. We work very closely along with you to create an unforgettable moment and lifetime memories . Our Wedding related services offered are :  Click to View our Best Wedding Themes.

  • Wedding Themes & Floral
  • Wedding Decor
  • Mandap Decor
  • Varmala Themes
  • Catering – Food & Drinks
  • Music , DJ & Lights
  • Video & Photo Shoots
  • Wedding Trousseau
  • Wedding Venues
  • Cultural Programs
  • Jewelry Shopping
  • Honeymoon Packages
  • Destination Weddings


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We provide BEST and LATEST Wedding and Varmala Themes, Entertainments, Catering Services.. Click to see pictures.