Indian Brides and Flowers

Indian Brides and Flowers


April 7th, 2012


Flowers are an integral part of Indian weddings and a bridal hairstyle would be incomplete without floral adornments. Flowers add a soft touch to the bridal look and enhance the beauty of the bride. In India, the hairstyles and type of flower adornments vary from region to region.

 The most common and popular flower in southern India is Jasmine. Usually a south Indian bride wears a whole lot of Jasmine strands where the flowers are strung together like a garland as it gives a fuller look.  These may be attached to the bun which is usually low towards the nape or they can be strung high up or at the middle depending on the hair style and what suits the bride. Sometimes a few floral strings also hang loose over both shoulders. South Indian brides most often plait their hair and the floral strings encircle the plait. The flowers used are mostly white or orange in colour.



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