Asian and Indian Wedding Flowers Ideas for Brides

Asian and Indian Wedding Flowers Ideas for Brides


October 15th, 2013


Asian and Indian Wedding Flowers Ideas for Brides. Flowers and blossoms are of vital importance in an Indian wedding including a bridal hairstyle with beautiful floral garlands . Flowers add delicate touch to the bride appearance and enrich the attractiveness of the bride . From Jai Mala to Mandap Decoration, current traditions of Indian weddings a perfect wedding planner takes care of all.
Precisely reading this blog you will come to know what flower arrangements completes Hindu wedding ceremonies in

Asian and Indian Wedding Flowers Ideas

Asian and Indian Wedding Flowers Ideas

modern times.

Jai Mala Garlands : The moment a Hindu new bride and bridegroom come together, they typically exchange flower garlands which are just like huge leis . These Jai Mala Garlands are better  known as Varmala.

Mandap beautification & decoration : Hindus hold the marriage wedding ceremony under a tent or canopy , that is generally intensively decorated with flower arrangements .

Flowers and Petals : Right at the end of a Hindu marriage ceremony , the wedding guests and family members of bride and grooms throw flower petals ( or also known as buds combined with roses ) at the newlyweds.

Flowers for Bridal Hair : It truly is custom in South Indian wedding ceremonies for bride’s to put on Jasmine flowers in their hair , usually in quite thicker. However in North India these very same blossom chains of jasmine are generally used to cover up the groom’s face .



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