8 Things You Must Never Say to Your Husband

8 Things You Must Never Say to Your Husband


March 30th, 2013


Why don’t we be honest? Men of all ages have sensitive egos and females possess acidic tongues . Not one of the most effective combinations and that is certainly why the two of you should make consistent endeavors to not end up negatively affecting one another . For that reason , let us discuss 8 things that you simply must never tell your husband .

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“I told you so !”

Your husband might have done something seriously stupid by not paying attention to your suggestions. However, which does not necessarily mean you have to nag him throughout the day. “I told you so” is a weapon which makes your husband hang his head in disgrace. Apply it carefully, ladies !

“You are just like your father”

With this statement not only are you hurting him, but also insulting your father-in-law. You may not see eye-to-eye with your father-in-law, but that does not mean you belittle him. Family is a very sensitive subject for any person. Never bring family members into your private fights.


A single word which hits your husband like nuke weapon is “fine”. It is a negative ‘yes’ which shows your extreme displeasure at something. It indicates that you are boiling with anger and are not letting out the steam. So, avoid using this word and talk things out with your husband. Husbands prefer their wives shouting and letting out their anger rather than letting them simmer with rage.

“My mom warned me that you would turn out like this”

These words not just insult your husband but can hurt his self-esteem too. So, never bring in your family’s opinions about your husband into an argument.

“You always do this !”

This is a heartbreaking sentence which will hurt your husband a lot. If your husband’s actions bother you and get you perturbed, then be frank and ask him not to do it again. When you can clear differences peacefully, there is no point in yelling, Right ?

“Can you do anything right ?”

Your husband may be having a bad day in office or may be just down in the dumps. So, this statement will really make him feel terrible and worthless. If you are unhappy with a repair job that your spouse has just performed, then just keep mum. When he is not around, call the repairman and get the work done.

“Do we really have to invite him over ?”

You may absolutely loathe your husband’s friends, but you must learn not to make your disapproval so apparent. Would you give up your girlfriends for your partner ? You would not, right ? So, do not expect him to give up on his college buddies either. One thing you can do if you cannot absolutely stand your husband’s friends is that encourage them for a boy’s night out. Prepare a few snacks, invite all of his friends and let the boys have some fun. You can always catch up on a movie or indulge in some shopping.

“You bought me that ?”

Many a time, when husbands decide to go out shopping for their wives, they end up purchasing absolutely hideous things. But, instead of complaining, learn to look at the brighter side of things. Your husband is definitely a lot better than millions of others who do not even bother to surprise their wives. So, paste a smile on your face, give your husband a hug and always remember, it is the thought that counts.

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